Ground Handling Services for Domestic & International For Malaysian Royal Air Force & Malaysian Government (approximately September 2015)

Tentatively, another big project for 2015 is approximately will be started on 1st September 2015. However, the proposal for Ground Handling Services for Domestic and International Flight for Royal Malaysian Air Force and Government of Malaysia Aircrafts has been approved by Malaysian Royal Air Force .

We will be handle all in and out ground handling that involves load control, cargo, RAMP, Aircraft Servicing, Fuel and Oil, Aircraft Maintenance, Catering Services, Supervision and administration, security and etc.


Barack Obama Official Visits Malaysia

The biggest achievement for our Company when we have been given the trusted from US Embassy to handle the Air Force One aircraft during the visit to Malaysia. Two days visits in Malaysia where we are in charged to handle the equipment, provide fuel to the aircraft and handle the ground handling which involved more than 40 flights that escort the President of United States.


Search & Rescue (SAR) for MH370

Search & Rescue (SAR) for MH370 was our ad-hoc projects which started right after the announcement of missing Malaysian aircraft MH370. More than 30 flights from various country such as Japan Air Force, Korean Air Force, Australia Air Force, , China, UAE Air Force and Indian Air Force was voluntarily offer the helps in searching the aircraft. Our operations team was back-to-back to ensure all the operations runs smoothly. The operations took place for 3 months.


1RTW World Tour

This is our first achievement for Elite Jets when we handled the One Round The World Tour by Captain James Anthony Tan (21 years old from Malaysia). He is attempting to break the world record to be the youngest pilot to fly solo round the world in just 50 days on a Cessna P-210 (Sliver Eagle) , a single engine aircraft powered by a Rolls-Royce 250 gas turbine.

This epic journey started on 28th March 2013, where James took off from Subang Skypark Airport in Malaysia. James is making his way to Petropavlosk (Eastern Siberia, Russia), before continuing on to North America until he return back to Malaysia. Elite Jets was functioned to handle his ground handling for every 29 stops, ensure all the documentations for all the flight is properly documented, in charged for crew hotel, transportation, flight permits and most importantly 24 hours flight tracking. The 1RTW World Tour quest was took over for 4 months.